Welcome to GuildPlanner.Pro!

Current Features


  • Desktop Addon Client for Windows 8+
  • Elder Scrolls Online support
  • ESO Item Sets & Skills Database
  • Multi-account support ("Game profiles")

For Players

  • Automatic Player Game-data Import (ESO)
  • Player Profiles, Character Sheets & Stats (ESO)
  • Player Item Sets & Gear Overview (ESO)
  • Player PvE Achievements Overview (ESO)
  • Integration (ESO)

Why This Website?

In our guild (Lodge of Sorceresses), we've been using a custom-built Planner for quite some time, but unfortunately that tool fell short in many regards. The main disadvantage was manual submission of player data, which was cumbersome for most of us. So, we decided to re-develop that tool for both us and wider audience, with large array of features, eventually catering towards both professional and casual gamers. This website aims to be communities-centric, multi-MMO, multi-guild, 100% Discord-integrated guild management tool. Currently we only support ESO, which will be the case until main features of it are developed. Down the road, we have plans to support other popular MMOs, including Final Fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2 and upcoming Ashes of Creation.

Planned Features


  • Support for more titles (AOC? GW2? FF14?)
  • Desktop Addon Client for Mac

For Guilds

  • Guild Creation & Management
  • Hierarchical Guild Ranks
  • Guild Forums
  • Event Calendar & Guild Image Gallery
  • Raid Core Management & Raid Planner
  • ... and much more. Request new features.